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When I first started my dreadlocks I had a lot of trouble finding information about dreadlocks and how to make dreadlocks. So I wrote this site so I can help people out in their dreadlocks journey. I think I've covered most of the information about making dreadlocks and maintaining dreadlocks, but if you have a dreadlocks question that I haven't gone over please let me know. If you have any questions about dreadlocks you can


Other sites that have good dreadlocks information are in the links section. But these two dreadlocks sites have the best "Dreadlocks Faq" Dreadheadhq and Perfect dreadlocks. The faqs on these dreadlocks sites are easy to get around in. If you email me your dreadlocks questions I will put them in my dreadlocks.us faq.

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