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How to wash Dreadlocks
Some people think that when you have dreadlocks you don't wash your dreadlocks. But that is one of those dreadlocks myths that keeps a lot of people who want dreadlocks from getting them. Washing your dreadlocks and keeping them clean is the first step in having healthy, tight dreadlocks. You should get on a washing routine and wash your dreadlocks once every 2 or 3 days. Always wash your dreadlocks with a residue free shampoo. If you wash your dreadlocks with a shampoo that leaves residue behind, it will slow down your dreadlocks locking up process by coating your hair with lubricants and scents, these residues will lubricate your hair and keep it from locking up inside your dreadlocks. That fact is clean hair make dreadlocks faster and looks better at the same time.
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