dreadlocks pictures
How to make Dreadlocks
What you will need:
•Metal Comb
•DreadHeadHQ Dreadlocks Wax
•DreadHeadHQ Dreadlocks Shampoo
•DreadHeadHQ Locking Accelerator
•DreadHeadHQ Lock Peppa
•Hair Clips

Making the Dreadlocks
1. Before you make your dreadlocks, wash your hair with DreadHead Shampoo. It will remove all the residue from your hair left behind from other shampoos. Then let your hair air dry or blow dry it.

2. Section your hair into 1"-2" squares. Making your sections square will ensure that you have nice round dreadlocks. You can hold the sections in place using rubberbands. You can use hair clips to hold extra hair out of the way while you are sectioning off parts of your hair.

3. Now that you have finished sectioning your hair, it's time to start making dreadlocks. Spray your sections with the Locking Accelerator. You should start making your dreadlocks in the back of your head and work your way to the front. This way your best looking dreadlocks will be in the front where people can see them, and the dreadlocks that are kind of rough looking will be in the back and hidden by the rest of your dreadlocks. Take the rubberband off of one of the sections. Put Lock Peppa on the section. Hold the section tight with one hand and start backcombing your hair with the other hand an inch away from your scalp. You will be pushing the hair towards your scalp, you will want to hold the section of hair very tight and you will only push about 10 or 15 strands of hair towards your scalp at a time. You will see your dreadlocks starting to form.

4. Once you have finished your first dreadlock put a rubberband on the root and the tip of the dreadlock. Then add a little DreadHead wax to the dreadlock. Then start on your next dreadlock repeating steps 1 through 3.

After you finish backcombing all your hair you will have some awesome looking dreadlocks. So send me some your dreadlocks pictures, because I helped.

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